What Our Patients Say About Us

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"Doctor Moreno takes his time. Very passionate and patient in his work!"


"I would recommend it to everyone. The price was excellent, the service was excellent, the level of professionalism of the doctor and nurses have been top notch!"


"I was operated by Dr. Moreno, incredible attention from the first day to today. I am grateful and 100% satisfaction!"


"I'm a dental surgeon, I had cataracts and myopia problems. The next day after Dr. Moreno operated on me, I was able to operate on patients with no problems. I am very grateful to Dr. Moreno."

-Marco Antonio

"I healed fast thanks to the eye surgery and low cost too!"


"Nobody wanted to go through the trouble to operate on eye until I got in contact with Dr. Moreno... I feel great and I would recommend anyone to have faith in Dr. Moreno!"


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Retina Center Tijuana.

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