Our Mission

At Retina Center Tijuana, our mission is to provide our clients with high quality eye care, direct access to experienced specialists, and exceptional personalized medical services.

Our Commitment

We are highly committed to your needs and safety. We make sure to comprehensively assess your health issues and present you with the best treatment options. With our staff, your health always comes first

Our Passion

We are passionate about providing affordable and high-quality eye care to our patients. We pride ourselves in our motto: Preserving your vision, preserving your life. It brings us tremendous professional satisfaction to know that our knowledge and expertise about Ophthalmology is improving lives

Meet Your Ophthalmologists

Dr. Aureliano Moreno

Dr. Aureliano Moreno

check Has performed more than 3,000 successful retina surgeries, mostly consisting of complex cases of advanced diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, and macular surgery

doneDr. Moreno offers comprehensive and personalized eye consultations in Spanish or English depending on his patient's preference

doneCertified by the International Council of Ophthalmology

doneCertified by the Mexican Society of Ophthalmology, which recognized Dr. Moreno for his achievement of earning first place in the National Board Certification Exam for Ophthalmology in 2014

doneMember of prestigious associations, including the American Society of Ophthalmology and the European Retina Society.

Dr. Alma Lorenia Márquez

Dr. Alma Lorenia Marquez Vázquez

doneDistinguished Physician with a specialty in Ophthalmology and a High Specialty in Retina and Vitreous. Graduated from the Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Luz Foundation IAP

doneCertified by the Mexican Society of Ophthalmology

done Highly knowledgeable with advanced surgical experience resolving complications from cataract surgery, as well as cases of tractional retinal detachment due to diabetes

done Regular contributor in national and international Ophthalmology forums, including achieving first place for her medical presentation of a clinical case at the XXXVI Annual Retina Conference from the Mexican Retina Association

Dr. Ulises De Dios Cuadras

Dr. Ulises De Dios Cuadras

doneExceptional ophthalmologist with extensive training in retinal diseases like diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, intraocular tumors, retinal vascular disorders, and ocular trauma.

done Trained at top Ophthalmology hospitals in Latin America, including the Association to Prevent Blindness in Mexico and the Conde de Valenciana Institutein Mexico City

doneFluent English speaker, Dr. De Dios Cuadras attended Henry Sibley High School in Minnesota

doneMember of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) and certified by the Mexican Council of Ophthalmology

Dra. Ana Boris Moreno Andrade

Dr. Ana Boris Moreno Andrade

donePerformed over 500 cataract and retina surgeries, with recognition as outstanding specialist in complex surgical cases

doneCertified by the International Council of Ophthalmology.

doneReceived the CENEVAL award for academic excellence in 2016

done Passionate about teaching and clinical research, as indicated by her various publications in well-recognized journals including the Annals of Eye Science, the International Journal of Ophthalmology & Clinical Research, and the Canadian Journal Ophthalmology.

Dra. Ned Davila Avila

Dr. Ned Davila Avila

doneCompleted over 300 technologically innovative laser surgeries to improve vision without glasses. Certified in the implantation of intraocular phakic lenses (ICL ®, SMILE ®, presbyond ®) and experienced in surgeries used to treat keratocone including intracorneal rings, cross linking, and cataract surgery.

donePerformed over 80 corneal transplants using penetrative techniques and laminar transplants.

doneGraduated with honors from the University of Sonora (which accepts 120 students out of approximately 2,000 applicants annually)

doneReceived her specialty training in Ophthalmology at the Association to Prevent Blindness in Mexico (which is one of the most recognized ophthalmology hospitals in the country)

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